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The Bethel Democrats of Garnet Valley aims to be a voice for residents living in Bethel Township and Garnet Valley. We seek to support the entire community and provide a place where all are welcomed.

United by Common Goals


  • Support Democratic candidates on the local,
    state, and national levels.

  • Represent Democratic interests on the Garnet Valley Board of Education and the Bethel Township Board of Supervisors. 

  • Raise awareness and acceptance of Democrats in Bethel Township.

And Objectives


  • Recruit volunteers to get the vote out: canvass, organize events, advocate, share on social media, and more!

  • Support Election Day activities.

  • Organize fundraisers.


We're your neighbors.

Committee Officers
Jason Kutz, Chair
Stephanie DerOhannessian, Vice Chair
Chuck Dennie, Treasurer
Kimber Schladweiler, Secretary
Elected Committee Persons/Precinct
Cathy Spahr, Precinct 1
Beth Dzeda, Precinct 1
Jason Kutz, Precinct 2
Erica Brignac, Precinct 2
Stephanie DerOhannessian, Precinct 4
Deb DeSandro, Precinct 4
Chuck Dennie, Precinct 6
Kimber Schladweiler, Precinct 6
Committee Members/Precinct
Mary Haskins, Precinct 1
Maria Wells, Precinct 1
Stacy Joyce, Precinct 2
Renee Shenk, Precinct 2
Ophir Lehavy, Precinct 3
Cymon Holzschuh, Precinct 4
Joshua Suen, Precinct 4
Katherine Urban, Precinct 4
Kathy Walker, Precinct 4
Sarah Dennie, Precinct 6
Julie Eble, Precinct 6
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